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No. 7-January 1995
Order #079

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Burma Young Holder"Babe" Young: Princess of the Ice Palace (interview with Burma Young Holder), by Alex W. Ekman

Deaf is Beautiful/Defiantly Deaf, part 2, by Andrew Solomon

HPO: "My wife is deaf. I'm hearing. When we enter the deaf community, why do I feel I'm from an alien nation? I want to fit in . . . but how?" (7th D. Sampley question)

Signs of the Month: Time, part 10

Readers' Responses: Should lipreading be a required course in all schools for the deaf?

Faxview: Do you believe that "sign language puts more limits to your dreams"?

Heart Trouble: a deaf patient in Texas sues two heart centers for not providing an interpreter

Captionwatch: cinema petition

Caption Report: Spotlight on New Horizons Home Video

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