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No. 5-November 1995
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Jackie Roth & the Bayer AdJackie Roth's commercial for Bayer Aspirin

"Sole Custody": Sonya Kinney's victory in court: (1) "A shout from the silence," by Carol D. Leonnig/Charlotte Observer; (2) "Dad loses deaf girl; he wouldn't learn sign," APreport/Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

New Approaches to Learning through Video, Computers, and Captioning, by Ronald R. Kelly, Mardi Loeterman, Ann B. Morese, and Vince Samar

HPO: Which films have guaranteed appeal for deaf viewers?

Readers' Responses: Should the Miss America Pageant change its rules to allow interpreters for interviews & roll calls?

Faxview: Would you be eager to buy a product that uses ASL and Deaf people in its commercials?

Update: Conflict in Chadron

Federal justice; No more fire-alarm boxes in NYC?; Deaf patient sues doctor under the ADA-and loses

Celebrating Deaf Awareness Week: three eyewitness reports: Deaf Culture Festival '95-DC/MD/VA Celebration!, by Cheryl Heppner; After the downpour-a flood! (New Jersey's DEAF FEST), by the DEAF FEST Committee; Musical Cheers (Sign Choir Festival '95), by Becky Sue Parton

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