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No. 11-November 2013
Order #215
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Cover story: Power to "the people of the eye": modern visual research

HPO: How has it been for Deaf Gay people?

Deaf Person of the Month: Sammy Oates, Jr. Head Football Coach at Michigan School for the Deaf

Rollout: RIT/NTID and URMC's new "Bridges" program aims to increase the population of Deaf scientists

History & Heritage: The USA finally gets a Deaf History Association and conference of its own

Sports (reprint feature): MSD's Tartars win their first football game since 1978

Landmark: All Souls' Church of Philadelphia, consecrated in 1913, faces demolition

Improve Your Foreign Language: English! Retrospect

DeafView: Do Deaf people tend to be more politically liberal than the general population?

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