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This page includes a catalogue and index to all back issues of DEAF LIFE. If you’re interested in ordering one or more, many of these are still available. If you already know which issue you want, you can jump straight to the order page (see link below). Or you can browse through the catalogue to locate specific covers or articles of interest, then check the availability listings.

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Back issues of DEAF LIFE are collector’s items. Some of these are now rare and valuable. Our back issues are priced according to rarity.

To browse, clock on any volume icon to display the 12 issues of that year. Click on the cover to display an index of that issue’s contents. Each issue has a specific order number, keyed to the order form.

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Complete sets of the first decade of DEAF LIFE (Volumes 1 through 10, comprising all issues from July 1988 through June 1998) are available for purchase. Only 8 sets are left, so let us know right away if you’re interested. Complete sets cost $1,750.00 each. The Trial Issue (July 1987), the very first issue of DEAF LIFE, is included at no extra charge.

You can also order back issues by the volume (year). Issues published after the Tenth Anniversary (June 1998) issue are avaliable: July 1998 through June 2002 (Volume 11), and our current run starting in January 2007 (Volume 12 on). A limited number of volume sets (12 issues each) are available.
Click here for a complete volume pricelist.

Single copies of the July 1987 Trial Issue are available for $5.00 to cover cost of postage and handling. A copy of the Trial Issue is included free with every back-issue order, on request.

DEAF LIFE (ISSN: 0898-719X) is published monthly by MSM Productions, Ltd.

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