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No. 4-October 1993
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Deafness as Culture—Atlantic reprintDeafness as Culture, by Edward Dolnick/Atlantic Monthly

HPO: Why do deaf people always tell me what they're planning to do? Why do they go into lengthy explanations of their plans, complete with details? And why are they always telling me their life stories by way of explanation for showing up late?

Signs of the Month: Time, part 9

Readers' Responses: Do you feel that most deaf people have equal-paying jobs compared to hearing people?

Faxview: Do you feel that the Deaf community tries to "steal" deaf children from their hearing parents?

Better Dead Than Deaf? Deafness triggers "wrongful life" suit, by Maura Webber/Philadelphia Inquirer "

Interface Among Equals, by Kevin Sullivan/Washington Post "

Caption Report: Spotlight on Vidmark Entertainment

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