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No. 1-July 1996
Order #097

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Tribute to Al Barwiolek (Al B)Remembering Al Barwiolek/A Montage of Memories

HPO: Is there a Deaf literature?

Rebuttal: What's a Gallaudet degree worth? by Paulette R. Caswell

A Few More Words: Vrais sourds? Faux sourds? Faux débat! (True-Deafies? Fake-Deafies?-a false dispute!), by Mireille Caissy/Voir Dire, translated by Mark Leitson

Beyond the Envelope: To English teachers (with love)

Readers' Responses: Which method is best for teaching English to profoundly deaf children: Speech (oral/auditory), ASL, Signed English?

Faxview: Should we establish a "Deaf village," town, or city?

Gallaudet University gets Clare Boothe Luce grant

Discrimination isn't magical

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