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No. 3-September 1996
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Frank G. BoweFrank G. Bowe: Freedom Fighter, with an exclusive update interview, by Sherri Kimmel (includes reprint of The Hill article)

Alice enters a new dimension: American Sign Language (NTD's new production, Curioser and Curioser)

"Being Miss Deaf America was the best thing that ever happened to me": Jennifer Yost looks back on an exciting year

HPO: Are things better for deaf people now, or did they have it better in the old days?

Beyond the Envelope: There She Is . . .

Peggie's Cove: LuAnn Grogan Woodford: Enjoying New Challenges

Readers' Responses: Should we establish a "Deaf village," town, or city?

Faxview: Is racial/ethnic hatred a problem in the Deaf Community?

"Perestroika" at Silent News

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