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No. 8-February 1997
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Deaf Sports WarThe Deaf Sports War: two sides, two different stories

Breaking Through Breaks Down, by Michele Listisard

HPO: Isn't deafness a disability? If it is, why do deaf people consider it a culture?

Up Periscope! Health Clubs

Peggie's Cove: Escape from Tahiti

A Few More Words: "Proficiency in ASL is not an alternative to literacy!" by Dr. Otto J. Menzel

Readers' Responses: With a newly-released movie, which one do you see first-Open-captioned movie, uncaptioned movie, captioned home video?

Faxview: The AAAD has been serving us since 1945. Do you feel that we need another national Deaf Sports organization?

Echoes of "DPN" Hit Hartford

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