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No. 2-August 1997
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Cochlear implants/Post reprintThe Washington Post cover story on cochlear implants: telling the truth-or twisting it? (1) "As Technology Advances, A Bitter Debate Divides the Deaf," by Marie Arana-Ward/Washington Post; (2) A not-so-silent uproar: readers respond

HPO: "Most speech pathologists I know are nice. Why don't deaf people like them?"-asked by Susan Leventer

Readers' Responses: What do you think of Holly Daniel's invented sign for "Saturn"? Is this acceptable ASL?

Faxview: Is the cochlear implant destroying the future of the deaf community? (repeat)

Connecticut Update: Victory!

David Schultz, you've got company; Justice on the jury

Where's the ADA when you have to make a phone call? (Some thoughts on the ADA's 7th anniversary)

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