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No. 3-September 1997
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Rally for Dummy HoySo near, yet so far: rallying for "Dummy" Hoy in Cooperstown

HPO: Isn't it possible to have the best of both worlds-ASL and a cochlear implant?

A Few More Words: The Acronym Game: Deaf Sports Organizations, by Bill Davidson

One Reader's View: "What If . . . ," by Brice Alden

Beyond the Envelope: Dazzle Mine Eyes

Readers' Responses: Is the cochlear implant destroying the future of the deaf community? (repeat)

Faxview: Should "Dummy" Hoy be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

"Virtual slavery": the plight of a band of Deaf Mexican immigrants becomes big news

Nebraska School for the Deaf: the end of the line?


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