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No. 12-June 1998
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DPN + 10: revisiting the RevolutionRevisiting the Revolution: DP+10 photoessay; excerpts from Dr. Elisabeth Zinser's speech, "Back to the Future, Ahead to the Past"

Book Review: Full Face: a Correspondence About Becoming Deaf in Mid-Life, by Claire Blatchford

HPO: "What concerns, problems, or suggestions do deaf people have that are directly related to law enforcement?"

Up Periscope: Introducing our new advice columnist..."Dear Gabby" will explain it all for you!

Beyond the Envelope: What would hearing people think?

A Few More Words: Cultural Invasion: the Way of the Borg, by Rafael Sedano

Readers' Responses: Should Congress have the power to decide which TV programs will be closed-captioned?

DeafView: Do deaf people worry too much about what hearing people think of them?

I. King Jordan and the four DPN student leaders, including Greg Hlibok, are featured in Deaf Life Press’s book, Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition. It makes a terrific gift for a friend, relative, or yourself! Order a copy

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