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No. 1-January 2016
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Cover story:
Jodee Crace, Deaf Person of the Year

Deaf People in Action:
John-Michael Stern of 18/8 Men’s Salon, Woodlands, TX

HPO: Is there one sign language for all countries?

Art of the Month: “Deaf Kindred Spirits,” by Amy Cohen Efron

Cover Updates (Deaf People of the Year): Dr. Robert Davila, John Yeh, Luke Adams, Claudia Gordon, Sheri Ann Farinha, Jack R. Gannon, Kurt Ramborger, Julie Rems-Smario

Perspective: The cochlear implant isn’t always what you think it is, by J. Parrish Lewis (reprint feature)

Improve Your Foreign Language: English! Tenebrous

DeafView: Does having a Deaf superintendent make a difference to a school for the deaf?

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