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We have a limited number of yearly sets, collected by the volume (July-to-June run, 12 issues). If you'd like to fill a gap in your DEAF LIFE collection, or want to order one or more volumes, check out the volume sets here. These are prepackaged to be sold as complete 12-issue sets only. But. if you're interested in buying part of a volume set, ask anyway. We may be able to accommodate you.

1st Anniversary Issue
Volume I
Sold Out

2nd Anniversary Issue
Volume II
6 sets available

3rd Anniversary Issue
Volume III
6 sets available

4th Anniversary Issue
Volume IV
13 sets available

5th Anniversary Issue
Volume V
8 sets available

6th Anniversary Issue
Volume VI
47 sets available

7th Anniversary Issue
Volume VII
4 sets available
8th Anniversary Issue
Volume VIII
18 sets available
9th Anniversary Issue
Volume IX
10th Anniversary Issue
Volume X


Credit-card orders are accepted. If you'd like to order, you can E-mail us at

Credit Card

All prices include postage and handling.

Canada and abroad: please send an International Money Order payable in U.S. funds ($U.S.) only. Add $1.00 per order to offset the higher cost of surface postage to Canada and abroad.

Special handling (Express, Airmail, etc.) available at extra charge.


Prices and availability are subject to change day by day. We will try to keep the availability information up-to-date, but if we receive several orders at the same time for a particular issue, that issue may be sold out by the time we receive your order. Also, the price of a specific issue increases as the number of available copies decreases. Order now to avoid disappointment!

DEAF LIFE (ISSN: 0898-719X) is published monthly by MSM Productions, Ltd.

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