A collection of brief and lively biographies of 77 achievers from a variety of backgrounds, in a variety of fields. Each chapter is illustrated with at least one portrait. Contains a detailed bibliography. Here’s a list of those included in the second edition:

Laurent Clerc
The French legacy

Erastus “Deaf” Smith
“The eyes of the Texas army”

William Willard
Founder of Indiana School for the Deaf

Edmund Booth
Forty-Niner, journalist, and leader

John Carlin
Artist, writer, and advocate

Laura Redden Searing
Literary patriot

Douglas Tilden
“Michelangelo of the West”

Juliette Gordon Low
“The first and best Girl Scout of them all”

William E. “Dummy” Hoy
First deaf major-leaguer

William W. Beadell
Originator of the “Want Ads”

Thomas Scott Marr
Nashville architect

Cadwallader Washburn
Artist and adventurer

Luther “Dummy” Taylor
Major-league pitcher

George Hyde
Plains Indian historian

Regina Olson Hughes
Botanical artist

David Peikoff
Canadian-U.S. Deaf Rights advocate

LeRoy Colombo
“World’s Greatest Lifeguard”

Hillis Arnold
Midwestern sculptor

Frances Woods
The Wonder Dancer

Ernest Marshall

Boyce R. Williams
Vocational Rehabilitation specialist

Cal Rodgers
Nellie Zabel Willhite
Rhulin Thomas
Three pioneer aviators

Art Kruger
”The Father of AAAD“

Robert Weitbrecht
Physicist and inventor

Frederick C. Schreiber
Humanitarian, leader, and advocate

Donald L. Ballantyne
Medical scientist

Roy Kay Holcomb
“The Father of Total Communication”

Frances “Peggie” Parsons
“Ambassador of Total Communication”

Martin L.A. Sternberg
Scholar and ASL lexicographer

Marcella M. Meyer
Chief Executive Officer of GLAD

Andrew Foster
Missionary teacher

Malcolm Norwood
“The Father of Captioning”

Bernard Bragg
“Prince of Players”

Morris Broderson

Frank R. Turk
Teacher, administrator, and leader

Lowell Myers
Attorney at Law

William Schyman
Pro basketball player

Eugene Hairston
Pro boxer

Gertrude Scott Galloway
Administrator and Deaf women’s advocate

Douglas J. N. Burke
Founder of SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf

T. J. O’Rourke
Publisher and advocate

Robert Davila
Highest-ranking government official

Alice Hagemeyer
“Librarian for the Deaf Community”

Frank Peter Hochman
Pioneering physician/surgeon

Jack R. Gannon
Author and historian of the Deaf Community

Ernie Hairston
Black Deaf Advocate

Bonnie Poitras Tucker
Attorney and Professor of Law

Judith Viera Tingley
International businesswoman

Henry Kisor

Shirley J. Allen
Glenn B. Anderson
First deaf African-American Ph.D.s

I. King Jordan, Jr.
First deaf president of Gallaudet University

Phyllis Frelich
Tony Award-winning actress

Jack Levesque
Leader and advocate

Linda Bove
Sesame Street star

Kitty O’Neil
“Fastest Woman on Earth”

Michael Chatoff
Legal advocate, Supreme Court groundbreaker

John T.C. Yeh

Chuck Baird
Artist and actor

Frank G. Bowe
Disability-rights advocate

Julianna Fjeld
Emmy Award-winning producer, actress

Lou Ferrigno
Bodybuilder and actor

Bill Graham
Kathie Skyer Hering
Champions of late-deafened adults

Mary Lou Novitsky
Deaf Mosaic co-producer and co-host

Bruce Hlibok
Actor, playwright, ASL teacher

Marlee Matlin
Oscar-winning actress

Jerry Covell
Tim Rarus
Greg Hlibok
Bridgetta Bourne-Firl
DPN student leaders

Kenny Walker
Pro football player

Shelley Beattie
Champion bodybuilder, American Gladiator

Curtis Pride
Pro baseball player

Heather Whitestone
Miss America 1995

About the Authors
Matthew Scott Moore
Robert F. Panara

Now that you have an idea of who’s in it, why not order a copy and have yourself a good read?

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