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Welcome to the DEAF LIFE homepage ( This is meant to serve as a brief guide to our online magazine. We're including a section on back issues (with details on availability and prices), a history of DEAF LIFE, and other features. More features will be incorporated as time goes on.

DEAF LIFE resumed publication in January 2007, with a revamped format and new and fun features (like “Deaf Almanac” and “Deaf People in History”), and more full-color visuals. Once again, I thank our loyal readers for their patience and support.

For Hearing People Only: Third Edition, published in early April 2003, is now in its sixteenth printing. Our customers have kept us scrambling to keep up with their orders. One textbook manager told us that her store “couldn’t keep the book on the shelves!” A student’s workbook, published in 2008, makes the journey easier.

Matthew S. Moore

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